Our Team

De Gruy & Associates has a team of professional, dedicated and experienced team members. 

Dr. Sheila A. De Gruy



Main Focuses

Dr. De Gruy’s focus has always been to strengthen the local Mom & Pop home care agencies and empower the health care community including the patient sector.  She has spent countless hours training and supporting local home health, hospice and private duty agencies on quality improvement and quality of care issues.  There has also been care and counsel given to the community of patients and their families.  Because of the current changes in health care and those that are fast approaching; the focus of Dr. De Gruy has changed. 


Dr. De Gruy’s present day focus has been drawn to fighting for the inherent rights of all patients and their families to improve the patient experience and restore a culture of service excellence in all areas of health care, from the waiting room to the board room.  When patients and people who work in the health care system are abused, given sub-standard care, forced out of the hospital without being given the right to appeal and the patient and health care professional says, ”That’s how it’s done now, that’s what to expect from the health care system,” then there is definitely the need for a champion, a patient advocate for the people.  This is what the Patient Advocacy Exchange represents: Creating a culture of service excellence and improving the patient experience FOR EVERYONE!


Professional History 

QA/QI experience included but isn’t limited to: evaluation, analysis, training and education, regulatory and compliance responsibilities, and risk management.  The gathering and evaluating clinical data from the organization; analyzing data for patterns and trends in care delivery; discovering the root causes for specific patient care trends; training and educating the organization's staff to promote good quality practices and ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations; working with the organization leadership and staff to create policies and procedures that ensure good quality care and minimize harm to the patient; and more.



PhD in Health Services Management



Joyce Benbo, CPC

Patient Advocate Associate


Health Care Billing and Coding Specialist

Worker's Compensation Billing and Coding Specialist


Main Focuses

Making sure that the patient’s bills are correct, the coding is correct, that any patient who wants to fight the insurance system and file an appeal can exercise their right to do so and have an experienced professional with them every step of the way.



Professional History 

Over 12 years of experience coding. Experience in ER, Evaluation and Management coding, ICD- 9, CPT, HCPCS, Workman's Compensation, Medicare, HCC, and Managed Care. Experienced in coding multispecialty to include; Surgeries, Ancillaries, Vascular, General, Vascular, Neurosurgery, Ortho, E&T, Optomology, Invasive Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, OB/GYN, Ophthalmology, Pediatric Surgery, Oncology, Trauma Surgery, Radiation Oncology, Cardiology, Neurology, Interventional Radiology, Diagnostic Radiology, Anesthesia and Pulmonology. Familiar with 95 and 97 guidelines. Systems: 3M, Health Connect – EPIC, Ingenex, Meditech, and Softmed, EMR: Extensive remote experience for large bed facility. Facility experience: Large, teaching facility experience, at 350+ facilities. Large multi-specialty physician group and multiple clinic coding experience. Teaching Hospital experience.


Brenda Watson, RN

Home Health RN


Main Focus
Brenda's main focus is to give the patient as much freedom and independence as possible, educate the patient about what the relevant medical issues are, and what services are available. This valuable information allows the patient, with the counsel of Ms. Watson, to figure out what's best for the patient. She is an advocate for the patient's needs to be met not just one time but every time and she's willing to go the distance to make sure the patient's needs come first.



Professional History 

Experienced in consulting with patients about their needs whether it's--medical, financial, or social and her goal is to give the patient as much freedom and independence as possible. It's her honor and privilege to educate the patient about what the relevant medical issues are and what services are available. When a patient has this information and works with her, together they can figure out what's best for the patient. This can assist with timely communication and working accurately with referring physician to ensure proper coordinated care.   


Health Rehabilitation Healthcare Agency             Los Angeles, California

Nursing Supervisor                                            2007-Present


Professional Member                                         Los Angeles Home Health Council






1975 -1977

Diploma - Registered Nurse

Queens Hospital Center School of Nursing in Jamaica, New York



Supplemental BSN Nursing Classes from California State University, Los Angeles



Sandra Moore, MSW

Counselor and Psychologist


Main Focuses

To help individuals and families with personal issues, including drug or alcohol addiction, mental or physical disabilities, domestic abuse and extreme poverty. She specializes in issues concerning the care of treatment of individuals in the age range from newborns to the elderly. She intervenes on behalf of all individuals in ensuring all available community services, which the individual qualifies for are applied for. She provides support and counseling to individuals and families who are undergoing some type of social difficulty or crisis. She can develop her treatment plan with the clients, encouraging them to create and pursue goals for improving their quality of life.

Professional History 



MSW for Pacific Hospice

Deals with the psychosocial issues related to families in crisis and end of life issues. Performs a psychosocial assessment and intervenes appropriately. She's an advocate for the hospice patient and their families.



Contracted with multiple home care agencies throughout Los Angeles



MSW for Tri-Med Hospice

Providedinformation and resources to help the patient remain safe and cared for in their own homes. The social worker provides education and linkage to community resources to assist with any medical, psychological or social assistance that may be needed.


Masters in Social Work, 1974

The entire team at a glance

From left to right: Dr. Sheila A. De Gruy, Joyce Benbo CPC, Brenda Watson RN, and Sandra Moore, MSW