“My mother wasn’t receiving the care she deserved (at one of the major hospitals in Los Angeles) and when I made an inquiry the staff was rude to me and didn’t take my request seriously. Dr. De Gruy filed a grievance on our behalf that prompted a meeting with us by the Chief of Staff, the Hospital Administrator, the Director of Nursing and the Nursing Supervisor. The meeting produced changes in policy. Her intervention and assistance were priceless.” Denise, Los Angeles, CA.


“When you’re disabled you sometimes become invisible in the hospital setting. There is no continuity of care or response to your needs. Dr. De Gruy recognized that my rights were being ignored and took action. By her actions and interaction with administration a potentially negative patient experience was avoided. Thank you Dr. De Gruy. Ola Carter, Fountain Valley, CA.


“My 9 month old son was discharged from ER and within 5 minutes began turning blue, was vomiting and lethargic. We immediately had to rush him to another hospital because we didn’t trust the first hospital’s credibility. Dr. De Gruy filed a grievance with the hospital and a satisfactory resolution was obtained including the counseling of one of the employees and a letter of apology from the hospital. This proves patient advocacy works.” T.F. of Long Beach, CA.

“I have known Dr. Sheila De Gruy for many years now and have the utmost respect and admiration for her as person but also in what she does for her clients. There are not a lot of people who truly care anymore, and she is one of those individuals. She has compassion, but most importantly, she gets the job done. I personally would highly recommend her.” Renee C., Los Angeles